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Experience - Knowledge - Creativity

Transport Planning:

Helping to design your site so that its economic potential is fully realised, it is attractive, well integrated, and safe to use

Transport Assessment

Gaining a planning consent requires consideration to be made as to how the site will be accessed by users and vehicles. The documentation required to do this includes TAF's, Transport Assessments, Traffic Impact Analysis, Travel Plans, Servicing Management Plans and more.

Our expertise is not only in writing these reports and studies, but in promoting your interests and negotiating  their successful approval with the Department.

Site Layout advice & Safety Review/Audit

The layout of a site is fundamental to its success. It forms the context for the buildings, provides the first and last impression for users, is a primary contributor to safety, and is fundamental to its economic viability.​

We have many years of experience helping clients design and improve the layout, operation, and safety of their sites and accesses.​

Public Inquiries

When your property is affected by major Departmental infrastructure plans or changes are made to  the zoning of lands within 'Area Plans' you may have the opportunity for your views to be heard.

As expert witnesses and transport professionals, we are able to represent your views and give you the best chance of them being addressed in your interest.  

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