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We Exist To Provide You With The Best Transport Planning and Access Expertise

35yrs of experience

MRA's directors; Richard Agus and Matthew Ridout, have over 35 years combined experience in the fields of transport planning, access solutions, traffic modelling, layout safety review, highway design, and servicing management.

Their working relationship was forged together in the 1990's at Kirk McClure Morton, a local engineering consultancy. 

They now specialise in gaining approvals for more challenging sites, planning appeals, enforcement actions, and public inquiries.

MRA are a highly capable team. We know the policy, we know the standards, and we know the people.

We believe our success is dependent on addressing problems from new angles, whilst using the the best transport planning, traffic modelling, and highway design skills available.

Our team is small and innovative. We are chartered civil engineers with broad and rich experience in industry locally, and further afield.

The best capabilities

Passionate about results

With our great combination of knowledge and experience, we offer you the best chance for a positive outcome.

Successful results are what matters most to us at the MRA Partnership.

By securing planning consents, winning appeals and resolving enforcement actions, we have helped businesses thrive and grow, added to land values and saved homes from demolition. 

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