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Experience - Knowledge - Creativity

Access Solutions:

Helping you to gain highways approval for your development, and ensuring that your interests are put first.

Access Visibility & Speed Survey​

Meeting access visibility requirements is often a key determinant to gaining planning consent for a potential site. We are able to take your case forward, make the necessary engineering assessments, and represent you through the planning process, and at appeal if required.

Unlocking access to a site depends on correct application of standards and policy, as well as a creative approach and engagement with the right stakeholders.

Traffic Modelling & Swept Path Analysis

We are expert operators of all the latest junction modelling and capacity analysis software. These programmes are required to analyse the impact of traffic on the road network, to help design new or improved junctions and to build the case for future development proposals.

We also operate software to predict vehicle swept paths. This is used to confirm and improve the layout of service yards, car parks and accesses.

Planning Appeals

Has your planning application been refused and you want to appeal the decision?  Success at a planning appeal requires excellent preparation, strong communications skills and quick thinking.

We have many years of experience representing our clients at appeal, and we specialise in presenting the roads and highways issues relating to challenging sites and accesses.

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